Let’s Encrypt’s success depends on a strong community. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to subscriber support. Today we’re happy to announce Let’s Encrypt Community Support, a place for our community to both give and receive support.

We’re a small organization hoping to help a large portion of the Web move to HTTPS. Many people are going to have questions during the transition, and we need to be able to provide answers. Hiring an army of support staff is out of the question for us, but we’re not convinced that would be the way to go anyway, even if we could afford it.

Clay Shirky once said that you’ll make more accurate predictions about the quality and longevity of services in a Web-driven world “if you ask yourself not what’s the business model, but rather do the people who like it take care of each other?”

No amount of staffing could provide the level of support that a strong community of fellow users is capable of providing. We sincerely hope that our users will join us in taking care of each other.

We’d like to thank Discourse for providing the Let’s Encrypt Community Support platform and hosting.