Let’s Encrypt es una Autoridad de Certificación gratuita, automatizada, y abierta.

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  • Facebook expands support for Let’s Encrypt

    We’re excited that Facebook is supporting our work through a three-year Platinum sponsorship! We asked them to share their thoughts on HTTPS adoption here. Please join us in thanking Facebook for their support of Let’s Encrypt and our mission to encrypt the Web!

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  • Looking Forward to 2019

    Let’s Encrypt had a great year in 2018. We’re now serving more than 150 million websites while maintaining a stellar security and compliance track record.

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  • Let's Encrypt Root Trusted By All Major Root Programs

    As of the end of July 2018, the Let’s Encrypt root, ISRG Root X1, is directly trusted by Microsoft products. Our root is now trusted by all major root programs, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla, Oracle, and Blackberry.

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