Upcoming Features

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Poslednji put ažurirano:

ECDSA Root and Intermediates

We are issuing certificates from our production ECDSA intermediate to allow-listed accounts. There is no planned date for removing the allow-list.

Completed Features

ACME Renewal Information (ARI)

  • Enabled: March 23, 2023

We now run ARI, a system that allows us to notify subscribers via API when they need to renew.

Multi-Perspective Validation

  • Enabled: February 19, 2020

We now validate domain control from multiple network perspectives.

Certificate Transparency Log

  • Enabled: May 15, 2019

We now operate a Certificate Transparency log.

TLS ALPN Challenge Support

  • Enabled: July 12, 2018

We’ve specified and implemented a replacement for the TLS-SNI validation method, which was discontinued for security reasons. Introducing a replacement was important for subscribers who only want to use port 443 for validation.

Wildcard Certificates

  • Enabled: March 13, 2018


  • Enabled: March 13, 2018

Full IPv6 Support

  • Enabled: July 26, 2016