Finding Account IDs

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When reporting issues it can be useful to provide your Let’s Encrypt account ID. Most of the time, the process of creating an account is handled automatically by the ACME client software you use to talk to Let’s Encrypt, and you may have multiple accounts configured if you run ACME clients on multiple servers.

Your account ID is a URL of the form

If you’re using Certbot, you can find your account ID by looking at the “uri” field in /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/*/regr.json.

If you’re using another ACME client, the instructions will be client-dependent. Check your logs for URLs of the form described above. If your ACME client does not record the account ID, you can retrieve it by submitting a new registration request with the same key. See the ACME spec for more details. You can also find the numeric form of your ID in the Boulder-Requester header in the response to each POST your ACME client makes.